Why Aunt Pam's?

Aunt Pam's Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

The Highest Quality Ingredients.

No artificial preservatives, real butter, pure cane sugar, unbleached flours, 100% eggs, premium chocolates, sea salt and pure vanilla extract.

Aunt Pam's Snickerdoodle Cookie

Our Cookies Last Longer.

We don't use any artificial preservatives, but we've worked to make sure our cookies stay soft and chewy for up to 4 weeks.

That means when you purchase our cookies, you don't have to try and eat them all in 2 days like most other cookie companies.

Aunt Pam's Chocolate Chip Cookie

Packaging That Actually Works.

We individually bag and seal every Aunt Pam's cookie. This means not only are they protected in transit, but you can enjoy our cookies when you want, on your time, and the rest stay chewy and safe from water, humidity and pests.

If you order them via our website or one of our delivery service partners, we use microwave safe bags so you can heat them up for a warm cookie anytime!

 Dark Chocolate Chili Pepper Cookie

We're Local.

Nashville born, Nashville owned and Nashville made.

Want some for yourself?

Click here if you're in Nashville for local pickuip or delivery. 
Click here for nationwide delivery.

Want to talk about Aunt Pam's Cookies being sold at your business? We supply 40+ restuarants already. Drop us a line at wholesale@adasfinefoods.com.