THANKSGIVING - How To Order Online For Local Pickup/Delivery

Advanced Ordering For Thanksgiving Is Now Closed. Whatever is listed in the IN STOCK categories is what we have available for purchase. Everything is first come first serve.

IF YOU WANT SOMETHING PURCHASE IT RIGHT NOW ONLINE!!!! We are down to limited stock and it may not be available by the time you get here. If you purchase online (and receive an email/text receipt confirming the order) you are guaranteed your items.

Hello all!

Here's a quick page on how to order for Nashville pickup or delivery using our online system.


  1. Click this link, it will open a new browser window/tab so you can still see these instructions.

    Ada's Delivery/Pickup Ordering

  2. The first prompt is when you can choose pickup/delivery and schedule the order. Select pickup or delivery and then enter the day/time you would like and then click START ORDER. If we are closed on a particular day you will not be able to select it as a pickup/delivery date.

  3. Check the date/time you've selected before you begin adding items. If it is wrong, click the pencil icon to the right and you can fix the scheduling as needed.

  4. Although it is not required, we ***HEAVILY*** recommend you create an account with us. We are not going to spam you with marketing stuff and if you put in your mobile number and email it is MUCH easier for us to find you/your order when needed.

  5. Checkout, pay and you should be good! You will receive a confirmation email and if you created an account (smart!), we can find you and your order very easily if need be.


Any issues, please email our support system at:

We get notified INSTANTLY when you submit an email (it even notifies our cell phones!) and will respond quickly.