About Aunt Pam's Cookies

2005 - The Original, a flavor/recipe developed by Pam, is perfected.

2012 - Wholesale business begins in East Nashville.

2018 - Retail location opens in The Arcade.

2020 - Retail location in The Arcade closes due to COVID.

April 2021 - Business is re-launched with a primary focus on wholesale business in the Greater Nashville area.

October 2021 - Bourbon Oatmeal Raisin flavor is launched, our first partnership product with Nelson's Green Brier Distillery.

November 2021 - Our founder Pam Eaton passes away suddenly and unexpectedly.

January 2022 - New website launched and Dark Chocolate Chili Pepper is launched with Skip's Peppers.

Pam Eaton

Pamela "Aunt Pam" Eaton, 1958-2021

Pam had a life long love of cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. She always had a knack for delectable treats but her talents extended beyond just cookies and sweets. Throughout COVID she could be found preparing entire meals and delivering them to neighbors. She was truly obsessed with doing good and giving what she had to the community.

Pam's heart was truly full of cheer, hope and goodwill. In early 2021 she moved from Nashville to Montana to be closer to her roots, and upon settling into Montana she immediately began developing a footprint for Aunt Pam's Cookies.