The History of Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is a beloved dessert that has a rich history that can be traced back to the southern United States. The origins of the dish are somewhat shrouded in mystery, but it is believed to have been created by Native Americans, who used wild pecans to make a type of pudding or porridge. This traditional dish was called "pacane" by the native people. They would grind the pecans and mix them with honey or maple syrup to make a sweet, nutritious, and energy-rich food.

When settlers began to move into the southern states, they came into contact with the indigenous people and their traditional foods, including pecan pudding. Over time, the settlers began to experiment with the recipe, adding sugar, butter and other ingredients to create the pecan pie that we know and love today. Pecan pie became a staple at every southern table and was a common dessert for holidays and special occasions.

As the popularity of pecan pie grew, so did the demand for pecans. The pecan industry in the south began to boom, and the pecan tree became known as the "corn of the south" due to its importance to the southern economy. Today, pecans are grown in many states, but the majority of pecans still come from the southern states.

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Barbara's Southern Pies uses a traditional recipe handed down through generations, ensuring that their pies are authentic and true to southern tradition. Their pecan pies are made with 100% real butter, no artificial flavors/preservatives/colors and are finished with a touch of vanilla to create a balance of flavors that is both classic and decadent.

In recognition of their exceptional pecan pies, Barbara's Southern Pies has received numerous accolades, including being named one of the best 25 pies in the United States by various food critics and publications. They have also won multiple awards for their unique and delicious pecan pies at various pie competitions.

Barbara's Southern Pies offers a wide variety of flavors but their pecan varieties are undoubtedly their most popular and beloved. If you're in Nashville and have a craving for a delicious, homemade pecan pie, be sure to stop by Barbara's Southern Pies and try one for yourself or order online for delivery.

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In conclusion, Pecan pie is a southern delicacy with a rich history that has been perfected by Barbara's Southern Pies. With their commitment to quality ingredients, traditional baking methods, and authentic southern recipe, Barbara's Southern Pies pecan pie is a must try for any pecan pie lover and a perfect representation of southern dessert culture.